About The Paddled Pub

The Paddled Pub is the brain child of the folks at Orange Torpedo Trips (OTT). Orange Torpedo Trips has been a pioneer in the river world, offering inflatable kayaking adventures almost 50 years ago when no one was.  OTT has been offering inflatable kayaking and rafting trips on many of the countries most sought after rivers ever since.  OTT offers trips on the Rogue River, Salmon River, Klamath River, Payette River, Owyhee River, North Umpqua River, as well as some international rivers including the Sun Kosi River of Nepal.

So when you travel with The Paddled Pub you are riding on the history and experience of almost 50 years of commercial river trips under the guidance of Orange Torpedo Trips.  The Paddled Pub is an Orange Torpedo Trips company operated by the same staff, under the same permits and licenses, and run with the same dedication to high quality river adventures.